oven-1At Chewings Services we have full public liability insurance and DBS certification for your peace of mind, our experienced technicians have a vast wealth of knowledge, from how to dis-assemble your appliance for its deep clean to which cleaning products and techniques will generate the best results.

When cleaning your oven we not only remove the racking, side holders, bulb covers, rear fan cover and the fan itself (design permitting), we also remove the doors, strip them down to gain access to all of the internal glass panels, (our customers always remark on the difference the sparkling glass makes when we have completed our work). To assist you further we also carry a wide selection of oven and extractor bulbs, should you require a replacement. We use the latest in eco-friendly and bio degradable products, this alongside our specialist techniques guarantee you a service that is both safe and reliable, our fume free, child and pet friendly service also means that the oven can be used immediately after our visit.

We use only eco-friendly, non-caustic oven cleaning products which are extremely effective at breaking down burnt on carbon deposits, grease and grime. We are confident that with our technician’s skills and these products we can tackle any oven or appliance and bring it back to its sparkling prime.

Our Chewings Services vehicles are fitted with the latest bespoke heated dip tanks, filled with water and bio degreasing agents. Once heated to 80°- 90° they make short work of racks, side holders, fans and back covers.

Once all the parts have been thoroughly cleaned, your oven is rebuilt, our technician will then give it a final clean and polish to remove any fingerprints.